Teaching with innovation and intent.

Amplify #1

The goal of the Amplify project is to share teacher voices.    I’m doing this in order to practice creativity and media production, but more importantly I want to:

  • to move people toward change
  • to uplift and inspire others with real examples
  • to provide a starting point for teacher/leader learning partnerships
  • to empower teacher voices

Here is Amplify #1.  I created this drawing using Paper 53 iPad app.  It is based on a response from Teresa, a reflective teacher from Port Dover, Ontario.  I asked “What do you really want to be doing for your students everyday?”  Teresa’s response was “Assuring them – instilling confidence. Building their curiosity, determination to know. Social skills, self-regulation.”  I want to thank Teresa and invite you to contact me and share your voice.

by Andrea Kerr for andCreativeblog

by Andrea Kerr for andCreativeblog


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