You Have to Start Somewhere

Thinking about how we might reconsider starting inside the box.


11 Ways to Support Literacy

Eleven Ways to Support Literacy from andreakerr

Attending to Details: Visual Supports in the Classroom

Visual supports are common teaching strategies when accommodating children with special needs.  Pictures, frameworks, charts, and symbols can steer learners clear of language barriers and set them up for success.  They are essential tools for children with severe cases of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Language Impairments and Developmental Delays.  This is particularly true for visual thinkers. …

Quick Guide for Accommodating Students with Learning Disabilities

This is just a sample of a few characteristics of Learning Disabilities and some strategies you can use for each. Here is a more extensive list from York Region District School Board.

Amplify #2

The goal of the Amplify project is to share teacher voices.    I'm doing this in order to practise creativity and media production, but more importantly I want to: to move people toward change to uplift and inspire others with real examples to provide a starting point for teacher/leader learning partnerships to empower teacher voices …